This Road is a Trap

There is this road
that leads to you.
It’s tangled with life
and lovely traps.
It seduces
with promised endings
that are more happy
than sad
all the while
slicing away pieces
of who I thought we were.
Its bridges are broken
and crumbling into nothing
and the gray sky
screeches out
against the light
that was never really there,
yet I would walk
on bloody feet,
run through thorns
and shattered glass
hoping the promises are real.
It shows enough beauty
to coerce and cajole me
into believing
the dark can fade to light
and all the while
wicked vines twist
around my wrists
and bind me to the dirt.
I believe I’m running
yet the quicksand
sticks me to the ground,
yanking me hard
to the muddy ground
which is a swamp
instead of a road
and I am stuck
instead of free.




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