An Ending


I’ve been searching
for our happy ending
like it’s an inevitability
instead of a mirage
in the midst of a sand storm.
You are all at once
a memory
and as tangible
as these poems I spin,
and the happy
in our ending
was only a pretty dream
because the ending
was more sad
and not really an ending at all.
It was a wave
and a phone call
and a deletion of feelings
we shouldn’t have,
a push-down
of that loss-pain
to the deepest parts of forgetting
so I know happy
is not what it will ever be.
It will be messy
and muddled
and all but beauty
until it’s not,
until the blue in the sky
reflects the ending
we were always
meant to have.

* * *

I was challenged by Beth Joy to post three quotes in three days. I often use quotes as poetic inspiration, so that’s my plan here. I’m also supposed to thank the person who nominated me, so thanks! And I’m supposed to nominate three others. I’ll nominate one person per day, so today I nominate Christopher Rupley, one of my most favorite blogger friends I’ve met on WordPress. The quote and pic were found on Facebook and they are ones I’ve posted or will be posting on my Facebook page. Enjoy!




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