Night and Day

There are
these moments
of calm,
of peace
where the world
isn’t so loud
and the voices
instead of yell
and I hear a bird
and see the blue
of the sky
and think
that things
aren’t so bad,
here in this place,
this future
I don’t recognize,
but then slate clouds
chase the blue
from the sky,
banishing it back
to the day
and allowing
the night
to creep in
on quiet feet,
stepping its way
into my bones
and telling me
things are not
like they are
in the day.




2 thoughts on “Night and Day

  1. You’ve captured here the weather of a wounded heart, the way our hopes can be found out and dispatched, the way they can be so fleeting and unreliable. Like dangled carrots from above. I thought it was beautifully done. As I am new here, and not yet understanding the overall flow, I’ll venture on a limb to share my hope that also one day, when the weather turns and the mercury falls, you discover it is as easily carried by your dependable heart as the blue skies. Which is to say I wish you peace…


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