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Flecks of sunlight
freckling your cheeks,
a splash of black water,
and wood splinters
beneath my fingers.
You smile, leap, land,
mud squishing under your soles,
and laughter fills the wind
coming in from the east.

The fire crackles
and kids smoke pot in the woods. Alcohol-eyes blur the world
into the perfect hello
and soften the edges of goodbye.
Laughter echoes,
stars blink in and out,
and the sky feels as beautiful
as this moment.

You walk away
in the cool blue morning
where the sky matches your jacket.
I wave and wonder
if you might love me
while tears start
to carve their way down my cheeks.
The short drive seems long
and I know yours will be longer
and that I won’t forget the feeling
of losing you before we began.




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