Who We Used to Be


Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Our skin is new.
We have bloomed
into different
than we were
and now no part of me
has ever touched
any part of you.
Our outsides
have grown
like our insides
and now
our separation
is more than distance.
Those ocean plans
and midnight dreams
fractured into oblivion
just like our cells,
our atoms ricocheting
against our skin
and shattering memories
into bits.
We have shed
who we used to be
and grown into
who we are–
reluctant, hesitant, afraid .
I see the space
dividing our hands
and I can’t bear to know
that my skin
no longer understands
the landscape of yours.


I wrote this after thinking about that random fact about our skin, the way our cells regenerate completely every seven or so years. This is how my brain works. I know. It’s ridiculous! Enjoy! 😉




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