Happy Birthday

Dear Johnny,
I guess it’s sort of a tradition now for me to post a message to you on your birthday. I know you won’t see it, but I do hope you feel it. I hope you stop somewhere in the middle of your afternoon and look up at the sky. For a moment, I hope you feel me touching your cheek and whispering in your ear. I hope you hear my birthday wishes for you.

To Johnny on His Birthday
I know your days
sometimes rain
gray sheets of sadness
onto your limbs,
making your burden heavy,
your decisions full.
When these days come
and you think
you can no longer
bear the weight of life,
remember my face.
Remember those light days
where we stepped on air
instead of earth.
Remember I have loved you
in the dark
and will always carry
the things you can’t.
When your days
are bursting with joy,
when you’re drifting
like a balloon
caught in the wind,
forget me.
Forget the longing
I placed on your bones
and let the breeze
carry you
on waves of happy.
Pretend I never
held you in your darkness
because, without me,
your darkness was never born.

Happy birthday, Johnny, from the green forests of your home all the way to Tampa Bay. I wish you love and peace. As always, I miss you more than my pitiful words know how to explain.


My annual birthday post that I wish would reach his eyes. Oh, why do Oregon and Florida have to be so far apart? Why can’t I find a way to reach him? Anyway, enjoy my poem within a letter.




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