No One Knows

I tell no one about you.
Your name only
crosses my lips in solitude.
No one knows
how you overfill my thoughts
and plunge me
into a confusing combination
of dark and light.
No one sees your face
hovering on the outskirts
of my thoughts,
colliding here with there
in the slightest of movements.
Your hands
are superimposed with his
and I’m afraid to hold on
even though it’s almost like letting go.
You are my secret,
my ever-present
and all-consuming ghost
that no one can see but me.


Sometimes, I wish I could talk about this in real life, but there’s no one to trust. Plus, the whole thing makes me look like the miserable (as in awful) person I truly am. Alas, my story seems to want to stay neatly tucked inside this blog. At least all of you seem to want to listen. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚




8 thoughts on “No One Knows

  1. For the record, good people do bad things sometimes. Personal experience and someone very dear to me helped me understand this. Without getting Biblical, there is an old saying: Love the sinner, hate the sin. It isn’t easy to separate the act from the person (especially when it comes to yourself or someone you love), but it’s something to shoot for.

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