All the Things…


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It’s all the things…

We haven’t done or been or dreamed.

We haven’t found or wanted or loved.

It’s all the people…

We haven’t touched or reached or seen.

We haven’t held or kissed or loved.

It’s all the needs…

We haven’t shown or expressed or let go.

We haven’t tried or sang or fought for.

It’s what wakes us up from dreams only to forget when daylight has taken hold.

These feelings we can’t explain or name.

It’s your voice echoing in my head, your hands urging me onward.

It’s those pieces we lost, the ones who made us, broke us.

It’s what we have left but can’t feel for want of more.

You and me and all the others. It’s who we are and who we’re becoming all at once and in between.

It’s life and love and all the dark wishes rolled up with the happy ones, and it’s mine and yours if we can open our eyes long enough to see it.




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