Conducting Melodies

I’m swept up
and away,
and wherever
swept things go
as they shimmer
and shift
along front door breezes,
and motes of sunbeam
that pierce through
mundane mornings
where I sip my coffee
to the tune of your melodies

And to the notes that
across my shoulders
and down my spine
like a twisting
coercing me into
the craggy
cognizance that
brings me peace,

“I need you.”

In the quiet dark
I hear the motions
of your muse
drift on riffs
played out
to the beat of my heart,
and beneath the yellow sun
I feel your tones
warming those night places
that only sing to your melodies.

“Do you even need me?”

Because my moldy synapses
are fervently hiding
among the shadows in my
derelict cerebrum,
and the grey matter
among my molding memories
sing the songs that
become patterned arteries
reaching for ecstacy


Okay folks, here’s another awesome collaboration between the great Christopher Rupley. We always have a wonderful time on these pieces. Hope you enjoy it too!



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