It’s Trucks and Oil Rigs and Saying Goodbye

It’s trucks colliding, smashing metal against metal, grinding rubber into dust. It’s oil rigs exploding, black smoke spewing, fire blooming into ash. It’s moving away to places unknown, with people unseen. It’s saying goodbye when you just said hello and waving at loss from behind a window. It’s broken hearts melting into shattered limbs while […]

Falling Into the Fringe

My best interests don’t exist, swept under the subterfuge of my folly, far up-creek without a paddle, fighting the rapids that flail and fling me out into the fringe, out beyond what’s good and whole, far past the right turns and suggested streets. Instead, I scramble, swing, shatter while my best intentions flop around like […]


Easter and we picked daisies while we watched one close and another open. We said goodbye while grass grew beneath our feet. *** It’s Thursday again, and it’s time for Three Line Thursday! I’m not in love with this, but I’m so tired from work (spirit/homecoming week) that this is all I’ve got. Enjoy! ~Patience […]

An Imaginary Conversation

“God, you are so broken, so torn and battered that you can’t even see yourself anymore. What happened to destroy you so perfectly? How did you get so shattered?” “I keep trying to answer that, trying to figure it out, but I’m too destroyed to think. I play and I drink and I bury myself […]

Your Guitar

Notes crescendo in sparkling bursts of clashing rhythms leaving me breathless. Words drift up from your fingertips and I see your pain as your shoulders rise with the music, your chest heaves with the beat. Each chord beckons and breathes and I wonder why you ever speak at all when you scream so loudly when […]

Slate Sea

“This is the end,” you said, your eyes pinned on the slate sea. “I know,” I replied, gripping your hand as if it were your heart, hoping we were wrong. I watched, helpless, as you walked to the end of the pier. I knew only that I loved you beyond the vastness of the sea, […]

Make the World Stand Still

“I turned silences and nights into words. What was unutterable, I wrote down. I made the whirling world stand still” -Arthur Rimbaud In the dark, I speak, creating worlds where our hands made music so to interrupt the silence of memory. The words spun pieces of my heart into yours, and what you couldn’t say, […]