Slate Sea


Photo Credit: Becky Cummings

“This is the end,” you said, your eyes pinned on the slate sea.
“I know,” I replied, gripping your hand as if it were your heart,
hoping we were wrong.

I watched, helpless, as you walked to the end of the pier.
I knew only that I loved you beyond the vastness of the sea,
and, still, I let you go.


Hello, fellow bloggers and faithful readers! It’s Thursday (actually still Wednesday here on the west coast) and time for Three Line Thursday. I wrote these two stanzas and submitted the italicized portion (which I actually wrote last). I thought they fit perfectly together in reverse order of when I wrote them (does that make sense?). Also, I changed the word count per line from my actual submission because it looked weird broken into 10 word lines (does any of this explanation make sense?). Anyway, enjoy!



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