The nights imbued with laughter
and crashing waves,
the warmth of your skin
next to mine
and the sun-hot sand
beneath me.

I hear the echoes
of your strings
through the night
surrounding me in you.
Fingers fly
across chords
old and new,
and I can’t breathe
with your music,
the way you speak
with your notes,
I am struck down
and on my knees,
the water pulling me
into your melody,
drowning me
in your ocean,
in the love
floating from your hands,
the way they touched me
when I was broken,
your fingers playing me
with expertise,
and it’s more
than I could take,
more than everything,
and I fell in,
gripping you
as you buried me

in more and everything,

holding me under
until I could see nothing
but your watery image
playing your guitar,
singing me to sleep.



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