Too Small a Word

Your hands on my face and my fingers in your hair hot mouths colliding and my body melding into yours breath comes ragged and desire is too small a word for how much it aches to touch your chest as it heaves above me lungs begging for air but the fire is too strong to […]


Withered edges rubbing against sky blue memories, our feet in the sand and countries to cross. We were the sea and now we are the salt. *** Thursday means three lines for Three Line Thursday. I managed this in one try this time which isn’t normal for me when it comes to these photo prompts […]

Out, Out

We burned below a frozen sky, transfixed by futures we’d never live. Don’t out, brief light; we’re not done yet. Don’t burn brief, oh light, oh love. Don’t fall fast, oh you, oh me. The night burned black, crowding me with nothing. Your light flashed, smoldering, carrying me home. Your eyes smoldered like candles in […]

How I’m Feeling

I am an afterthought, a dejavu, a memory forgotten as soon as it’s remembered. I sometimes feel small, like I’m yet a child except with knowledge I can’t contain, and it’s here that I am distant and separate because everyone else seems so much more grown while I am only a seed. Is this not […]