We sat close, and I thought I might die if you didn’t touch me, but then your hands were on my face and pulling me beneath you, your skin hot, your lips hotter. I can’t remember what happened next because I thought I might die if you stopped touching me, and you didn’t, not for […]

I Loved You Once

I loved you once under fake stars and an alcohol haze, our bodies not understanding the desire between us. We talked like the night would last forever, knowing it never would. I fell in love with you twice across phone wires and postage stamps, your laughter ringing in my head. We talked like we’d never […]

We lie.

We lie. We walk around in zombie shoes and smile like it’s real, like it’s not just another day pretending, like it’s not slowly killing us. How do we know we’re ever truly happy? Is it just a personality thing to wonder, “what if?” Or is it a human thing, like it’s built into our […]

Warm Chords

I never hear a guitar without thinking of you. The music takes me to those hot days in early summer when you played for me in the back room of your parents’ house. I am trapped watching your fingers move, your deftness a surprise and the melody washing me in warmth different than the sun, […]


Dear Johnny, I have this thing with wishing. I wish on everything from stars to railroad tracks to running yellow lights, but I seem to wish most upon the clock. Every time I see 2:22 or 5:55, I wish, but the prime time for wishing always comes at 11:11. I’m pretty sure all teenage girls […]

Laughter in Pieces

I heard your voice today. I heard your name vibrate across your vocal cords and I watched you laugh, listened to joy fall out of your smiling mouth. And I am in pieces. I want to play it again and again, increase your views exponentially, because your sounds are so sweet and so long overdue, […]


I am broken in these ancient roots, shattered by urban decimation crumbling under foot. All I see are your ocean eyes while I try to pretend our windows don’t break. *** It’s Thursday again, and it’s time for Three Line Thursday. I submitted the first three lines that I wrote late last night. I sort […]