I Still Love You

What would I do
if I saw your golden
skin again –
the same brilliant tones
and luring tinctures that
drew me in
on the first
go ’round?

Would I pretend
that my words
were your beacon,
and I the star
missing from your sky,
or would I wither,
and corrode into nothing
as I waited
for you to notice?

Could the waves that
form from my pour-spout
eyes reach across
the dim-lit expanse
between us,
and crash into
who you used to be –
ripped and reformed
inside the swells that
swallowed me whole?

Or will you leave me
capsized once again,
drowning in the vast silence
that floats between us,
our tumultuous hearts
screaming for air?


This is another collaboration with the talented Christopher Rupley. Go enjoy more of his wonderful poetry on his blog. He’s a haiku master!



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