It’s too much. It’s always been and always will be too much. This love, this need. It’s a hurricane, an earthquake, one that doesn’t end, doesn’t stop, and I’m breathless with these words that won’t stop, that you won’t read, that if you did, the world might end because it’s all just too much, too […]

Palms and Parking Lots

We were perfect once, in history, in memory, in photographic proof of when love was more than words and letters, more than buttons and screens. Before all of this, there was that. There was skin and lips and hot spring rain. Once, among palms and deserted parking lots, you held my hand and we pretended […]


Words have always been easy for me. I don’t struggle to find voice or substance in my speech, my language, but I’ve learned to watch my words, be careful, mindful because my words influence, impact, initiate thought in others. My job has changed my voice, silenced me the way time has, the way relationships have. […]


I’m trying to come out the other side, to find that light, to breathe again after years underwater. I’m trying but I’ve realized there probably isn’t another side. I’m thirty-five and don’t feel above eighteen, and I suddenly see what all those old people were talking about. We don’t grow up we just grow. There […]