Behind Windows

We loved
behind windows
and created movies
from momentary memories,
reliving our touches
through music,
through washed out pictures
that tout fantasy
instead of reality.
The pieces floated
through life,
our story colliding
into fiction
complete with tragic endings
and suitcases of regret.
And that’s how it’s been–homesickness
and false hopes
and aching nostalgia
mixed up with who we really are
outside of those moments
we keep remembering wrong.
You are my daydreams
and night dreams,
your fingers sliding up my knee
while we pretended to be adults.
It is just yesterday
when we were more,
when we were everything,
and now it is years ago
even though it’s somehow not.
It’s somehow now
and I am waiting to see you tomorrow
even though night never falls
and tomorrow is nothing
but dry dreams
and wet goodbyes.


As you may know, I am obsessed with Adele. Here is her newest song which is beautiful, of course. She sings what I feel, how I try to write. I want my readers to feel how I do when I hear her music. I think that is my goal with all this writing stuff. Please listen to the song! Spectacular!




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