We Are One


Photo Credit: lesley-oldaker @ deviantart.com

It’s so strange
how we all hide our thoughts
from each other.
We obscure our darkness and our dirt
from outside eyes,
even inside ones,
because we think we’re alone in this,
isolated in our agony,
our wanting,
our lacking,
but that is all it means to be human–
this feeling,
this loving,
this wanting and needing,
it makes us,
binds us.
Instead we kneel in
reverential dedication
and hide what we are
instead of embracing
what we all share.
We compare and contrast
that which cannot be compared,
and lash our backs
for not living up,
not equaling what we can never be.
This perpetual ideal of perfection
is only construct and illusion,
yet we say
we are better or worse
than those who have less or more,
yet only one thing matters.
We are human.
We are one.


This piece strays from my typical topic. Hope you like it anyway. 🙂




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