Different Skies


Photo Credit: pnewbery at deviantart.com

under hot Florida skies,
you sleep,
dream of long ago days
under pine trees
and cold winter skies,
times where
homies had your back
and girls buckled
under your gaze.
You yearn to go back
to those cool Oregon nights
next to mountain bonfires
and good friends,
yet beach sand
sticks to your feet,
sticks you in place
as warm waves
wash you
in responsibility
and regret.
You can’t go back to then
just as we can’t go on from here,
not like we wish,
not like we need.
we drown in music
and tear pictures
from the walls
and drink ourselves stupid.
We are tragic
and pointless
and filled with so much
but never each other,
never that true love
piercing miles and hearts,
never what we need,
only what we’ve lost.
You play sad songs
and I write sad poems,
and we both wonder why
we don’t try one more time.




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