How can such tiny pieces shatter into tinier bits? I find myself as sand and glass, their precarious balance shifting in storm winds. In a moment, I could be fragments, piles of brokenness scattered on the banks of rivers you can’t remember. How can I turn this fragility into strength or is it strong to […]

The Leaving

Twisted knots, fluttering sick, these bitches won’t stop jumping on my guts. It’s the leaving. It’s why I’m so caught up. The waving eyes and watery stares that say goodbye so soon after hello. I’ve been left so much, I don’t appreciate the stays, the I’m heres, the forevers that get tossed my way. I […]

More Conversations in My Head

“I miss home. The pine smell right after it rains. There’s nothing like it.” “How long has it been?” “Too long, man, too long. Fifteen years in July, but I’m goin’ back. I’ve got to see the river, the trees. For God’s sakes, Florida just isn’t the same.” “Sounds amazing. But I thought you haven’t […]