Tell Me How, Part One


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Go on, move forward, forget.

Some guy must have really fucked you up.

Too emotional, too sensitive.

Cut the cord already.

Forget already.

These are the things people say.

But how do I forget
those late night phone calls?
Or the way your voice
turned deep like the ocean
when you whispered my name?
Or how it felt to be there,
wrapped in your arms?

I know
I’m here,
treading water,
passing time,
losing my mind.

I know.

I know.

But how can I forget
how it was to love you?
To be loved in the way
only you know?
How am I supposed to forget
what home feels like?





24 thoughts on “Tell Me How, Part One

  1. I’m sorry for the way I left you, I love you still but couldn’t stay. I regret the way I left but I couldn’t stay any longer. I have other people who don’t know how I ache, how much I hate myself and that’s why I had to go away.

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