Dream-traveler at

I forget to pay a bill
or drive the speed limit.

I can’t remember
what I ate for dinner
or to mail off
that belated birthday card.

I forget to call parents
or remind students
about failing grades.

I rarely remember
to text back
or send important emails.

I forget,

But I can’t forget
the sound of your laughter
or the feel of your hair in my fingers,
your lips on my skin.

I remember your bedroom,
every picture on the walls,
and the way you organize your closet,
my letters on the top shelf.

These things I remember
like last minute’s moments,
like the song playing on the radio.

I can’t remember
my daily life
but I can never seem to forget
the time in Florida.



12 thoughts on “Forgetting

  1. Beautifully written, Patience… makes you stop and scratch your head and wonder why this is so… why there are some you can never forget, but every day things slip from the mind. I have the misfortune of these kind of memories too even as daily life slips away from memory.

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