More Conversations in My Head


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“I miss home. The pine smell right after it rains. There’s nothing like it.”

“How long has it been?”

“Too long, man, too long. Fifteen years in July, but I’m goin’ back. I’ve got to see the river, the trees. For God’s sakes, Florida just isn’t the same.”

“Sounds amazing. But I thought you haven’t gone back for a reason. Do you remember what you told me that night outside Mickey’s?”

“I was pretty drunk.”

“But you do remember?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“You said your friends were all gone, close but not in town, that she was there, and that meant you had no reason to go.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“What did you mean?”

“I meant that I could go and see David and Cisco and Pat, but–”


“But she’s the only reason I really want to go. I want to sit by the river, I want to be back there, on that dock or driving through those same streets, hearing those same mountain sounds with her next to me.”

“Then go with her.”

“That’s not the problem.”

“Then what is?”

“Once I see her, I’ll never let her go.”




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