It’s Gone


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It goes so quick now,
these days
and months.

Just a moment passes,
and it’s gone,

half over,

almost over,

completely over.

That magic vanishes,
dissipates into memories
you can’t quite visualize.

It goes so fast,
like summer rain–
warm and wet
then just steam
in the humid air.

It goes and it’s gone.

You turn around,
and you have old hands
and silver strands,
and it’s gone so quickly,
the laughter
and the knowing,

your liquid eyes
and fire fingers
enticing eruptions
from my body.


into back hallways
and junk drawers,
only to be found
on wintery days
and lonely beaches
when there’s nothing to do
but remember.

It goes so fast
that you never really
have time to see it,
to look at it,
turn it over
and treasure
its cracks
and flaws
and beauty
because it’s gone
the moment







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