An Extra Day

I’ve lived so long with these pictures, these images of who you were, who I imagine you to be, that I can’t tell who you really are. Every day I’ve lived without you is another day the hole in my soul grows larger, and its vastness is now immeasurable, unsustainable, ridiculous in its ability to […]


I have driven thirty minutes to work, every day, for the past four years, and sunrises fill my morning commute. Pinks and yellows and reds ignite the dawn sky making the miles fly on rosy wings. It’s beautiful. Really. My words fog and evaporate next to the high desert sunrise. But that’s not why I’m […]

So Real

It hurts the most when I can hear your voice, when I listen to someone speak, and your voice comes out instead. My eyes, my brain, they know it’s not you, but my ears, my heart, they don’t see it that way. The moment your vibrations hit me, I’m lost, again, in all the things […]


We have roses in the backyard and they bloom with reds and pinks, their bright faces beaming in the warm sun. Do roses even grow in Florida? Because that’s where we are, the palm trees peppering the skyline and brooding sunsets flickering on the horizon. My grandmother loved roses, and she lived most of her […]

I Can’t Stop

I say that I can’t stop, that some ineffable force drives me to look for you, write to you, remember you. I claim that I can’t help it. I can’t help the incessantness of it all, like I have the inability to forget. And that’s true. Sort of. I try to convince myself it’s unavoidable, […]

My Words

My words were borne from us, from moments you gave me, from the letters I sent in hopes you’d read them and smile. Those late nights writing about my days began this need to say, to speak, to record, and those letters grew into this. These aching poems penned because you read my letters, kept […]