Between the Eaves


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I am smeared
with memories of you,
covered over with promises
we meant to keep,
stories we meant to tell,
and I find myself
folded up
with your image
tangled around me,
twisting its way into my skin,
turning my bones
into branches that subsist
on you alone.

I feel the reaching,
the ever-present sound
of you breathing,
the smoke twirling
between the eaves,
ruffling my hair
and sending me into portals
I never knew were there.

The fear has crippled you,
bent you,
tortured the love
from your hands,
yet still you burn,
yearn for one more glance
among the many,
and I stand on mountains
screaming your name
into foggy depths
of futures made
from dreams
we forgot to keep.


By the way, this is my 1000th post. I have over 25,000 views from almost 10,000 visitors. Thank you, my readers, for all of your amazing support. πŸ™‚




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