Have You?


Photo Credit: kayjensen at deviantart.com

Can you taste your longing,
that bitterness
on the back of your tongue,
the shiny sadness
making your skin slick
and your heart jump?

Can you feel it like I feel it,
like I swim in it
every day
since your fingers fell from mine?

Do you dream in retrospect
while absence clogs your lungs,
drips from your smile,
eats dinner with your lips?

Do you want it like I want it,
like I bleed words
and drown in their yearning?

Have you lain awake,
the sheets feeling like
murderous fingers on your throat,
and whispered my name
into beach-warm winds
until the syllables crumbled
in your dusty mouth?

Have you wept like I wept
from the loss suffusing your limbs,
hanging heavy like blizzard branches
breaking under the weight?

I have.

Have you?




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