Your Word


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You told me once
how your regrets
climbed your shoulders,
trapped your feet
in hardening cement.

You spun apologies into lace,
promised to never forget
or take this for granted.
Your words bloomed,
breathed through me,
flowered into beauty
I thought could never be,

but then you pushed delete,
unfriended me in triplicate,
and built electric fences.

Why is it so easy
to say goodbye
to the only one
you want to keep?

There’s a box of letters
in your closet,
an album of photos
on your shelf.
An old cd
rotates through
your old changer,
the one you kept
because the music
reminds you of us,

yet you tell the world
your word is gold,
your promises
are all you have,
so why is it so easy
to break the ones
you made to me?
The ones whispered
in full daylight,
the ones you used
to wipe away my tears?




4 thoughts on “Your Word

  1. It’s easy to say goodbye once the electric fences are up…you can’t climb back in anyway.Sometimes ppl shield themselves and build walls when they’re hurt or when they’re afraid of losing themselves into the unknown.I’m speaking for me here, l don’t know about your guy….He probably have his reasons….He’s miserable I can tell. Lovely write.


    • I guess nothing makes it easy for me. I know he’s miserable even though he hasn’t said it out loud. I hear it in his music. I know he has his reasons. I just wish I knew them too.


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