Fairy Dust


Photo Credit: aoao2 at deviantart.com

I wanted you to stay.
I wanted you to be
the one who realized
I was worth it.

I wanted to be
the girl who waited,
and you,
the boy who came
even though it was impossible,
even though you were unsure
if she still cared.

I wanted the fairy tale
because I thought I deserved it.
After all the trauma and pain
of childhood inevitability,
I thought I’d get some magic,
some of that fairy dust
and we’d fly above white clouds,
our black memories evaporating
in the happy.

But you answered the phone
and said it was impossible,
and you answered the letters
and ran anyway.
You said that it mattered
and changed your mind,
and you still scream out
that you miss her.

I wanted it to be you
and then someone,
to make it real,
but I think it matters
that it’s not you.

The magic isn’t real
without you.

No matter how much
I want to fly,
I can’t because
you were the one
with the fairy dust.



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