To Be Happy?


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What is it to be happy?

I mean,
I just don’t fucking get it.

How can people get there?
Are they really as happy
as they seem
or is it all a giant,
glee-covered facade
that helps them believe
they’re happy?

I just don’t fucking understand.

One of my coworkers told me
how bubbly and happy I always am.
I swear,
if I’m not smiling,
people assume
my world is ending.
It’s bullshit!

And am I happy?
Fuck no,
and I think we’re all
a bunch of liars
or at least I am.

How can I reconcile
that ridiculous outside smile
with these miserable poems
pouring from my fingers?

Do other people
see the potential in
just bailing?
Jumping this lifeboat
and risking the sharks?
Or is it just me?

Is there something
wrong with me
that I only wish
for that grass growing
over there,
on the other side?
Fuck yeah, there is.

And I don’t know how
to get over it
without upheaving
the entire world.

I’m so fucked.

Please tell me
I’m not alone in this.




19 thoughts on “To Be Happy?

  1. What impact will you have on your co-workers if you walk around moody over them? There’s something that l have learned over the years. ..The fact that l’m not happy with my life doesn’t mean l have to spread my negative energy to others, besides life to me shouldn’t be always about me.lf l can help others smile through their challenges. .lt does help me be happy knowing someone benefitted from my existence.l don’t believe in camouflage emotions either. ..Your inside has to balance what’s on the outside. Faking it wouldn’t help either.Look on the bright side ,everything happens for a reason. .You might think your problems are the worst..think again !
    What does it mean to be happy ? For me happiness is good health….with lt you can achieve so much.


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