Conversations in My Head: Confessions


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“You look different.”

“Of course I do. Did you expect the same girl? Really?”

“But you are the same girl.”

“I guess. I mean, we’re the same in a sense, but different too. You’re not the same, but I didn’t point it out.”

“I know.”


“So. I didn’t think it’d be so weird, you know?”

“Agreed. But here we are.”

“I’ve missed you.”

“I didn’t think you’d get sappy before me. I think that’s ironic.”


“Well, all this time– It’s just–”


“Shut up! Okay. It’s that I’ve thought about you every day.”


“No. You don’t understand. I’ve written to you every day.”


“You know how I used to write you letters?”

“I didn’t forget. I still have them.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. I know. Stupid.”

“Stupid? Are you kidding? Listen, I’ve spent a decade writing to you. Every day. And I thought it would help. I thought it would make the love leave so I could forget. But, here we are, so no. Saving the letters. That’s amazing.”

“Can I read them?”


“The letters.”

“They’re poems actually.”

“Can I read them?”

“You’re the only one who should.”





2 thoughts on “Conversations in My Head: Confessions

    • Thank you! And I’ve tried to tell him, years ago, but he doesn’t see his own worth, so he’ll probably never see the value I see in him. Thanks for all the likes and comments! 🙂

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