Throwing Punches


Photo Credit: CountessBloody at

I want fight,
throwing punches,
bleeding lips,
gashes and bruises

because you fought.

You holding on
and thrashing your way
through the darkness,
the thick mire.

You wade in
and don’t look back
even though that
would have been easier.

You break rules,
kick them in the gut
and walk on
into black forests
to vanquish monsters
who dare to intervene.

You slash your way
through their scales
and lop off their heads
in my name

because your love
will not be
broken or lost
for it is your
flame amongst the ashes,
your beauty inside the beast,
your one among the many,

but this isn’t what happens.
There are no battles,
no sword fights,
or cannon fire.

you stand in the shadows,
afraid of the monsters
in your own head.

No one has ever fought for me.
I thought you would have been
the one that would.




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