In the Wreckage

This road is dark and rife with faults, the cracks spreading clockwise and backwards, mixing time with doubt. You walk alone amongst shards of memory and glimpse your reflection in the wreckage while I bask in overgrown sunlight dotted with decay, and I wonder who’s more broken– the girl who can’t move forward or the […]

Prehistoric Particles

I am jurassic, prehistoric in my pieces, my planes and valleys. Each breath begs forgiveness for colliding with the gravity of your star, the vapors and particles that collectively make you, create you into something ancient yet new, familiar yet foreign, pieces I’ve met and ones I’ve never seen. I orbit in your galaxy of […]

He Asks, She Answers: A Conversation

“That was us, wasn’t it?” “What?” “That movie montage. The one of all their moments. C’mon. You saw it.” “Yeah. So?” “That was us. Once. Wasn’t it?” “Maybe.” “I think that’s why I can’t move on.” “What do you mean? A movie montage? Explain.” “Well, I guess that’s how I see us, all full of […]

Another Conversation in My Head

“I like who you turned out to be.” “What does that mean?” “Well, it means, I like how you embrace life, how you love craft beer and wilderness hikes. How you play guitar at night when no one can hear.” “I always liked those things. It’s not something new.” “I know. It’s just that I […]

Maidens and Their Towers

We are towers or perhaps the maidens locked inside the towers. All we are is solitary hope, isolated dreams held captive, tormented by windows into out. Outside, out there, beyond these concrete walls and broken stairwells. We look in longing, in the exile we created. The open doors lead to closed windows, high in locked […]

These Trains

These trains keep turning into prisons, their iron feet shackled to dry timber, and I’m shattering on the tarnished tracks, roasting in this desert juncture, alone, where you left me to wallow in murky shadows, in fire-torn hearts coated in echoes of all the forgotten yesterdays and tomorrows we never had. ~Patience Facebook Twitter