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We’ve painted these frescos
of family,
of future,
of something we wish to be,
and we spirit away
on cloudy dreams,
on resonate sounds
in between our frames.

These moments
of realizing
what we’re supposed
to want,
to have,
to be,
sear into our hearts,
these pieces of you
and bits of me
all swirled up
in tomorrows that don’t exist,
in yesterdays that show tarnish,
show dreams wasted,
unfulfilled plans
which roast and bury us
in regrets,
in whys
and why nots.

And here we break
under the weight
of our significance,
beneath the power
of knowing
it’s unfixable.


Sorry, folks. This was supposed to be day three if NaPoWriMo month, but I forgot the tag and note and link. And I posted a day late. Anyway, hope you enjoyed day two (on day three).




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