April Words


Photo Credit: Aeternum-designs at deviantart.com

You say
April is the time
for planting things,
for turning the dirt
with your fingers
and creating something
new, unbridled, and true.

So I’m trying
to seed the garden,
to bury myself in new
instead of same.

Then I realized
it’s the words.

It’s always been
about the words.

They make my heart move,
and I’m toppled
by their immensity,
their power
to fuel me
when I am lost.

I want to wash myself
in your words,
swim around
in their clarity,
their ambiguity,
reunite in ways
we could only write about.

I’m planting my seeds
so I can breathe in your words
a little longer,
feel their syllables
slide against me,
buckle me
where I am strong,
destroy me
when I know destruction
is assured.


Day five, I guess. I was inspired by the first line of NaPoWriMo‘s daily post instead of the actual prompt. Enjoy!

~ Patience



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