What I Need


Photo Credit: ahermin at deviantart.com

I don’t need
flowers or
candies or
I don’t want
jewelry or
dinners or
any of those things
men give to women
to show their love.

I don’t want those things.

They make me feel
nervous and
scared and
silly, and
I don’t want to be
those things.

I need words
scratched on napkins
and illicit kisses
in dark hallways,
the party footsteps away.
I want crosswords
on Sunday morning
and books you find
at yard sales.
I need your music
while I sleep
in the next room
and your calloused hands
holding me down
as you kiss me.

I don’t want
roses or
lilies or

I want you,
your rough mouth
consuming me,
piece by piece,
until I’m nothing
but flames fed
by your desire.


The prompt is about flowers. Here’s my take. I’m exhausted, so enjoy while I sleep.

~ Patience



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