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It’s strange
how we remember things
how people choose
moments to keep
and others to lose.

Like the anticipation
of a kiss,
our lips brushing,
our bodies touching,
but never fully reaching
a kiss.
That night I forgot about
in the back of that truck
on the way home
from a drive-in movie.
How our limbs tangled up
and our bodies rolled around
as we clung desperately
to one another.
Flashes of your eyes
in splashes of streetlight,
their dark brown searching me,
your breath hot on my lips,
the blankets twisting us
into a cocoon
of timeless energy.

You and me
and that thirty minute drive home.
Our lips and skin aching
for what was just out of reach.

How could I have forgotten that
and why did you remember?


I skipped another day and have, again, steered away from the prompt.

~ Patience



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