Who We Are


Photo Credit: Ollapus at deviantart.com

When you think about
who someone is,
who they really are,
not some made-up image
of who you want them to be,
it’s not hard to recognize the truth,
to see reality staring at you,
those rose-colored glasses cast away
and understanding looking at you
under a direct gaze.

I see, for once.

Is this what clarity is like?
Is this what it means
to know exactly what’s in front of me
and not be stirred
by fear or love or hope or devotion,
but to be stoic in the knowledge
that I know exactly who you are,
exactly what you want,
and I’m okay with it?

I’m okay with tangled limbs
and skin meeting skin.
I’m okay with knowing
it’s just the heat you desire
because it is what I need too.

It makes no difference
the lives we live.
What we need from each other
is the only thing that matters.

Another poem for another day. Enjoy!

~ Patience


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