Photo Credit: KlarEm at deviantart.com

This is so intense,
how much my life
is affected by you.
Of all the people in the world.


Every moment,
I feel like I’m breaking apart.
I’m breaking apart,
and I don’t understand
what’s happening to me.

I don’t recognize myself,
this new person in the mirror.
You still don’t seem real
but you’re also the most real thing
I have.

And that’s so completely terrifying.

You make me feel
alive and aware
and like I can breathe
yet I ache
and it’s strange
to crave what I used
to hate.

Strange to need something
that seems dark and destructive,
yet I’ve always been
dark and destructive.
Maybe this is who I am.
Maybe it’s what you’re
turning me into.

I don’t know if change
will bring pain or pleasure.
Right now, you bring me both.



6 thoughts on “Puppet

    • I don’t know if they’d care. My heart bleeds onto every post I make. This is my diary, my secret-keeper, my best friend. Without this blog, these readers, I would be alone as I watch my pieces crumble around me. You and they stop me from dying every day.

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