Photo Credit: C-PRO at deviantart.com

I miss missing you.

I’m so wrapped up
in being his,
I can’t remember
how to be human,
how to be me.

I am three now,
instead of two,
and my walls
are rising
as fast
as they fall.

And I miss missing you.

I miss thinking
of your smile,
your gentle words
and strong hands
urging me,
healing me.

Now, I am his.

I belong to him
in ways
I’ve never belonged
to anyone before,
and I just want
to belong to you.

I want your hands
and your pieces
instead of
his hard lines and rules,
his consequences and confirmations.

I miss missing you
because he has
consumed me,
eaten every part
of my free will.

I am tethered to him
as I’m tethered to you.

It’s just that he uses chains
while you bind me in love,
and it seems like
his will is stronger
than your memory.



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