The Sargasso Sea


Photo Credit: fiyaasz at

My body no longer feels like mine,
but more so
my mind is adrift in this dark ocean,
this underwater trench
where light vanishes among the pitch.
And it’s change that has broken me,
warped me,
tied me in the chains of a truth
I hardly recognize.

I am the Sargasso Sea,
deep and churning,
bordered by oceans instead of land,
by movement and instability,
pieces of the world in my depths.

I am all of you
and these floating things
instead of
and love
and memory.
I search for something that sticks
and all I find is that I’m empty,
a woman lost in that sea,
that whirlpool,
but never really being


I was inspired tonight by two things. First a quote from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and then a poem by Ezra Pound. I feel a great change, one that seems to be confirmed by the way the poem made me feel.

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” Mary Shelley




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