Photo Credit: bezo97 at deviantart.com

You are this microcosm,
this universe unto itself.
Your gravity pulls,
yanks bodies
into its system,
into its depths,
and they can never escape
your attraction.

You swim in possibility,
frozen lakes a mile wide,
and you stare at me
like I’m naked,
like I’m evidence,
as if you can see
every crack in my walls.

But you don’t see
how I don’t see,
how I am blind
and stupid
but not ignorant,
not dumb to your tricks,
the pieces you think
I’ve forgotten.

I hear you in every word,
see you in every line.
I know your games
and even though I’m succumbing,
I dive with open eyes
despite the blindfold I wear,
despite the terror
streaming through my blood
and the collar circling tight
against my neck.

I am trapped in your orbit,
but now I know there’s a way out.




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