Photo Credit: kle-m at deviantart.com

I keep thinking
that something will happen,
the rain will stop
or maybe never end,
and I’ll know the path,
the answer,
the direction
I’m intended to drive.
These mysteries
in my heart are
in their completeness.
I’m trapped
by haunting desires
and moments that hover,
just holding out
for the rain to stop
or maybe never end.
I’m not sure which
but that’s the wrong answer
because I’m always supposed to know.
You always expect me to know
but I never do.
I’m always just
missing and torn and blackened
but I never really know.
I never really am
who you want,
what you want.
I am only weak
and falling
and vacant
and I can’t find the key
to unlock the grip
you have on my mind.
I can’t find a way to escape
and I’m not sure if I want to.




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