Photo Credit: scheinbar at deviantart.com

I don’t think all loss is the same.

I used to
but now I know
it’s different.

But holes are holes
regardless of how they’re made
and I found another one tonight.

It’s edges blacken
against my red heart
and I wonder
when its creeping will cease
because the others never do.
The other vacancies
attempt collapse
and suddenly reopen,
startling my pain

How many holes
can a heart bear
before it breaks?

How many leavings
can one carry
before the absence
weighs too much?

I wish I were those pieces,
those humans who
box up and bury their emptiness
so that my heart could try to heal.

I wish the waves,
their steady rhythm,
their calm surrender
could really fix my body

but only finding,
only staying
can do that.


I lost my father last night before I wrote this. It does not accurately depict how I feel, but no words will.
~ Patience


14 thoughts on “Loss

  1. My chest just sunk. There is nothing i can say… but know, another human knows where and how you sit in the universe right now. All my love and wishes.

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