Anything Else

I just want to talk about anything else. Anything besides my heart and its sadness. Anything besides this loss. It’s all so awkward and awful. People giving condolences and hugs when you randomly start crying. They mean well. We all do. But it’s just so awful. On both sides. Give me someone who will talk to me about anything else. Let’s talk about life and books and sunsets. Or those high school memories seared into our psyches. Can’t it be just something besides reminders that he’s gone? There are so many already. And here I sit, alone for the next two days because I can’t function at work, and I have no one to talk to. It’s so fucking sad. This whole thing is so fucking sad.

~ Patience



12 thoughts on “Anything Else

    • I’m on love with Chris Stapleton right now which is weird because he’s country and I’m not a huge country fan, but he is almost blues or bluegrass. I’m loving the remake by Disturbed, and Pearl Jam is one of my long time favorites. What about you?

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      • I really like marilyn manson and just about any kind of rock with an edge, but my hands down favorite is my chemical romance. They are so vastly misunderstood. People get surprised when they hear their entire discography instead of just the singles, cuz they are not actually emo or anything like that. They are grimey snarling dirty punk/glam rock. Strange combo lol

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      • I’ve heard that before about My Chemical Romance. I’m not into such hard bands. I like some metal and punk but probably the more mellow stuff. Thanks for having a conversation with me. It’s nice. 🙂

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      • Anytime! I love talkin about stuff like this. And my chem actually does have a lot of ballads. Their last cd was really mellow. And since they broke up gerard way the singer has a solo project now that isn’t heavy at all I think u might like him. What are some names in blues that u like?

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