To Know Me


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I think my mind is in these poems.
The way I feel and think
from moment to moment
hides within these bleeding words.

If you want to know me,
you must read me here.

My prose is flat pieces
of broken metaphors
trying to paint a whole picture
with only half the alphabet,
but my poetry–

My poetry
colors the sky
in oranges and purples
you’ve never seen.
It builds houses
in your head
and opens my heart,
flays it for an audience.

My readers
know me better
than you,
better than the people
who sit next to me
every day.

They watch my words
sprout wings
on the screen
and rise out
of heaps of ashes,
and they keep reading.

You want me to write you a story,
one that shows you my mind,
but if you really want to see me,
you must read my poetry.

~ Patience



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