I am changed.


Photo Credit: EivindHansen at deviantart.com

I am changed.

My crooked edges
fold and tuck
until the shapes
birth new pieces,

and I’m changed.

here and then
trap me,
bend me,

and I am changed,

by your words,
your language,
your demands.

I listen and do
and I am changed.

I tell you I am yours,
but I never knew
if I meant it,

but I am changed
by your fingers,
molded by your will.

I am changed
which is how I know
I really do

belong to you.


For some reason, this one fucks me up. I’m all sorts of fucked up.

~ Patience


17 thoughts on “I am changed.

  1. Sounds like you’re giving yourself, everything about, you’d kept no part of you hidden, from the person you thought would treat you right, and in the end, s/he had, hurt you, because you’d put out the most vulnerable parts of you out there, and it takes courage to do what you do, to be so truthful, so blunt, so courageous, to love…

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