To Be Free


Photo Credit: suzi9mm at

To escape,
be free
of this and here,
to be gone,
a ghost,
a memory soon forgotten.

How does one run
from a life built
on solid steps?

How does one crave
when here
is so much
beauty and safety?
When here
is so much known
and there
is so much black and shadows?

To run,
to walk out and fly,
into nothing,
perhaps everything.

To give oneself
to the vast,
to the fog,
to the edge.

This is desire.

This is need
when want
is not enough.

To be held down
and bathed in freedom,
empty of choice
because choice is

To be me
when me is dark
and that’s okay.

That’s the pieces
all swept up
and tied to the wall,
all free from responsibility

because responsibility is yours.

~ Patience


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