Crescendos and Falls


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The blocks
don’t fit together

My child’s fingers
clutch at wood
and primary paint,
yet I can’t seem
to grasp their meaning,
the significance
in the letters.

I’m torn,
shreds of me
lying on the floor,
in between the blocks
of my life,
the crumbling bits
of who I was
and who I am now.

Can people have midlife crises
at thirty-five?

Because I feel
a shifting,
an altering
of space
around my body,
the way it feels
when winter finally
and falls
into summer
or how the air smells
ten minutes
before it rains.

The transformation
shudders through my limbs,
and I wonder how long
I can stay still,
how long I can shake
before I finally break
and fly out into nothing.

~ Patience


9 thoughts on “Crescendos and Falls

  1. It’s sometimes, very difficult, to make sense of what’s happened to you in life, and, sometimes, no matter how hard you’d tried to make sense of things, you just can’t seem to understand it, and maybe, it’s just not time for you to yet, and, when the time comes, you won’t even have to force it, and,everything becomes clear as day…

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