Trapped Like Bugs


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I don’t want him in my head,
but he’s stuck
like bugs on a windshield,
like bears in traps,
like feet in quicksand.
And because he’s stuck,
so am I.

I can’t breathe
and I keep shaking my head
trying to shake him out,
rid myself of his fingers
crawling around in my brain.

He wants proof
and fuck him for wanting it
and fuck me for wanting to prove it.

Why can’t he see
that I am bound to him
by more than chains
because these are restraints
I’ve secured myself,
ones I’ve locked
before handing him the key.

~ Patience


7 thoughts on “Trapped Like Bugs

  1. You are the one, keeping yourself , tied to him, and, eventually, your heart will figure that out, then, you will finally be able to let go of him, as someone you used to love, someone ]go’s hurt you, and, someone who’s become, nothing more, than just, a memory of your past…

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